Monster Modeling

This page is an online art show
displaying scratch built character sculptures
designed and built by sculptor/artist, Martin Ardito.
All sculptures are museum quality originals and
are made from epoxy clay with metal skeletons.
Just click on the pictures for multiple views.

"Click here for some creative creatures"
To purchase an item, contact me at:

Click here
14 inch high,
15 lb, giant squid


Click here
10 inch squid
(fits sperm whale head)

$385.00 (with whale)

Click here
10" squid fits over
sperm whale head.

Click here
15 inch giant squid

$900.00 (with baby)

Click here
18" albino squid
and giant squid

$250.00 (each)

Click here
33 inch white shark


Click here
18 inch right whale


Click here
18 inch sperm whale

$385.00 (with squid)

Click here
(NEW)giant mosquito


Click here
large mosquito (19"L)


Click here
giant 17" hi mosquito


Click here
9 inch mosquito


Click here
17.5" giant spider


Click here
large 15" spider



Check out video of some of the sculptures.